G. Steinberg GS-115 Slate


This 115cm / 45″ piano packs an extraordinary complexity for its size. G. Steinberg’s commitment to maintain high material quality even when competing against lower-cost alternatives has meant that anyone can now enjoy the benefits of materials such as the Austrian White Spruce; a highly valuable wood, almost exclusively used for the ultra-high end of the piano industry.

Musicians are treated to an intriguingly complex tone full of warm mid-tones and clear but subtle highs.
The dynamic range of the piano is substantial, but still appropriate for a smaller living space, making the “115 SLATE” the perfect piano for apartments, homes or practice rooms.

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Product Data
Height: 119cm / 47″
Length: 144.4cm / 57″
Width: 57cm / 22″
Weight: 211kg / 465lbs (net)

Additional information

Colors / Finishes

Ebony Polish / Walnut Polish / Brown Mahogany Polish / White Polish