For an experienced pianist, a well-crafted full-size upright piano can be just as satisfying to play as a baby grand. And the “126 SIENNA” is that and more.
It is of a size and quality that many families would be wise to keep it for a lifetime, yet you won’t need a lifetime to pay for it.
The piano is very responsive and the player immediately feels in control of a substantial instrument. The sound gives a brooding chocolate-like color to the sound and it’s evident that this 126cm / 50″ piano has so much more to offer than its commanding exterior.

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Product Data
Height: 127.7cm / 50″
Length: 149.7cm / 59″
Width: 60.7cm / 24″
Weight: 247kg / 545lbs (net)

Additional information

Colors / Finishes

Ebony Polish / Walnut Polish / Brown Mahogany Polish / White Polish