“Klein, aber fein” (small but fine) as we would say in German! Named after Cyprus’ lively and vibrant capital city which covers an area of 111km², the G. Steinberg “GS-111 NICOSIA” is an instrument which delivers a pleasant touch with a balanced and rich sound and is the perfect start to the line of upright pianos.

Inexpensive yet not cheap; small yet adequate, the 111cm / 44″ is the perfect instrument for any student and/or studio. What now remains to be decided is whether it will come modern or classic!

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Product Data

Height: 113.6cm / 45″
Length: 144.4cm / 57″
Width: 57cm / 22″
Weight: 207kg / 456lbs (net)

Additional information

Colors / Finishes

Ebony Polish / Walnut Polish / Brown Mahogany Polish / White Polish